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Mariana Doria

Yoga Instructor

Originally from Peru, Mariana Doria started her yoga journey in 2013. She was highly motivated to learn how to heal & stretch after long hours of rock climbing and multiple shoulder injuries. After understanding that yoga was so much more than just stretching she dove deep into the yogic lifestyle. She received her yoga certificate in Power yoga in Bogota, Colombia in 2015. After teaching yoga in multiple places around the world she decided to adventure to India for her second YTT where she is now certified in Ashtanga and Hatha yoga. Mariana currently works as a health coach specializing in gut health and certified by the Institute for Integrated Nutrition and lifestyle. She, also, is a content creator on Instagram & Youtube (@gutbabe). Her goal is to utilize her communication skills to promote an integrative healthy lifestyle. “My healthy food could be your poison. On a bacterial level we are so unique that we must find out what lifestyle works for us individually.” ~ Mariana


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