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"Seeing Who You Really Are"


"The Headless Way"

London, UK / Park City, Utah, USA
April 19 2020
1:00-3:30 pm (USA Mountain Time)
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Richard Lang 

Among other roles, Richard Lang is also an experienced meditation teacher, counselor, and writer from the UK. He was a long-time student of and international curator of Douglas Harding’s work – Harding was the author of the world-renowned book On Having No Head, among other books, as well as providing endless hospitality with his teachings at his home in the UK. In 1996, Richard co-founded Shollond Trust, a charity created to help share Harding’s vision as widely as possible. 

Richard Lang Online:


Free e-course

Twitter: @headexchange

Richard has also written several books, including:
Seeing who you really are.jpg

Seeing Who

You Really Are

the man with no head.jpg

The Man with

No Head

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Open to the Source:

Selected Teachings of Douglas Harding


“I think you'll hear Richard sounds like just about the nicest person on earth: if we were to have a global contest for the nicest person, I think I would nominate Richard just based on his voice alone. Here is a uniquely accessible way of on making this selfless consciousness experience both obvious and available. Many people get it who I’m convinced would not get it by being given more traditional instructions. Now what they make of it is another thing, it's quite possible to not see its significance.”

Sam Harris, Phd. Neuroscience UCLA / Author and Founder of Waking UP (Book and Meditation app)

“No rules, no regulations, no monastic discipline and meditation, just here it is, vastness and a sense of relaxation, really. The Headless Way shows you how to recognize who you truly are, and then you can do anything you like after that.“

Amaranatho, Buddhist Monk

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